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  • Natural CLI  v.1.2.3Natural CLI was built as an accessible and handy Java library that is supposed to provide developers Command Line interfaces with human readable sentences. Now you can make use of this library to further improve your development process.
  • PDF2XL CLIPDF2XL CLI comes to users as an impressive and simple application designed to automate work process so that you can focus on delivering results. Spending a lot of time on converting data from PDF to Excel using the same layout? With PDF2XL CLI ...
  • MPlayer Tools - CLI/GUI MPlayer Frontend  v.7.8.20110210The CLI heaven for MPlayer with a GUI frontend.You can record and timeshift from your TV tuner.It also remembers movies and positions to resume a movie easily.It also has support for movie series,play history,the GUI has playlist and many useful ...
  • OlivaMail: Webmail/GUI/CLI/Core  v.2.1.2OlivaMail is a set of the java e-mail solutions: Webmail, Java Email Client (GUI), Command Line Utility (CLI) and the Core ...
  • Oracle, ODBC, DB2-CLI Template Library  v.1.0Oracle, ODBC, DB2-CLI Template Library (OTL). Provides C++ stream like interface to relational databases (SQL), like Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, etc. Multi-database, multi-platform, portable, high performance.
  • Disillusion CLI  v.1.0Disillusion is an audio and video converter based on AviSynth and x264 aimed toward intermediate and expert encoders. The CLI version aims to be as feature-rich and powerful as possible without a GUI.
  • CLI simulator  v.1.0This project provide a router CLI(command line interface) simulator, looks like Cisco or Juniper's CLI ...
  • OpenSSL CLI  v.1.0OpenSSL is the most widely used Crypto engine for PKI-based security ... but with a complicated command line syntax. OpenSSL CLI is a 100% GnuPG syntax compatible Command-Line for exploiting all the Crypto features of OpenSSL.
  • LOGalyze CLI  v.1.0Command line LOGalyze client. logalyze-cli is a powerful command line client for managing LOGalyze engine. With LOGalyze application log analyzer, you can collect your log data from any device, analyze, normalize and parse them.
  • 8pm CLI-CD  v.1.08pm CLI-CD is an open source Asterisk project to implement CRM functionalities in Adempiere for our Pharmaceutical company.
  • CLI Binutils  v.1.0The purpose of this project is to develop the binutils for CLI needed by the project GCC4CLI.
  • GCC for CLI  v.1.0The purpose of this project is to develop a back-end that produces CLI-compliant binaries for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).
  • .NET CLI  v.0.1.1.NET CLI is a port of the Apache Commons Command Line Interface (CLI) library for parsing command line options and their arguments.
  • CLI.Net  v.1.0CLI.Net is a framework, class-per-class, API-per-API and algorithmic port of the Jakarta Commons CLI framework to the C# and .NET platform utilizing Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Simple Java Cli  v.1.0gcli is a simple command line interface (CLI) implementation for Java. Adding a new command is simple as writing a new java class, decorating it with few annotations (if needed) and that's it!
  • AqBanking-CLI  v.1.1.11 / 4.99.0AqBanking-CLI is a command-line tool for AqBanking.
  • CLI-Dasm  v.0.1Cli-Dasm is a disassembler library,console app,and gui app for the the CLI platform(.
  • Opdemand-cli  v.0.9The opdemand-cli project contains the command-line client interface to the OpDemand system.
  • CLI Parser  v.0.5CLI Parser provides a framework for quickly development of Cisco-like CLI commands.
  • C# CLI  v. written in C# for use with CLI (command-line interface) applications.
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